1953 Chevy – Monogram – Rework – WIP

I always like they way this project turned out. It was my second custom project, after my ’39 Chevy. From what I remember of the original build, I really struggled with the putty work but in the end, blending the front grill together, frenching the tail and head lights along with the rock guards on the rear quarters, turned out very well.

The intention of this rework is to address everything else that wasn’t quite right. I stuffed a 427 from a ’65 vette under the hood but never made an exhaust. I had envisioned a more detailed interior but lost interest and painted it all black. The ’79 Z28 Camaro wheels look okay, but really don’t fit the overall look of the car.

This rework will address each of those issues and more. Since I still have the parts, I want to use the original inline 6 along with the custom parts that came with it. The exhaust is molded into the chassis so I have the opportunity to leave it since I’m going back to the original engine. The interior work will be addressed by adding more colors and details. The biggest, most obvious change is the wheel and tire combo. I’m going with an old Nascar style steel wheel and tire combination. I’m also going to lay it on the ground. When I set up the kit with the new wheels, I knew it was the right look. Stay tuned!


Originally Completed: 1999
Rework Completed: ???