1970 Plymouth Roadrunner – Monogram – WIP

This is an interesting project.  The original kit  had a horribly warped body.  I had a 70 GTX model that I finished in the early 90’s that needed to be painted.  Several years ago, (around 2005) I decided to use the body from the original completed GTX kit for this project.  I started the work before I realized how easily I could paint side markers…so they were ground down and filled.  That disappointment aside, I look forward to converting the GTX to a normal Roadrunner.

I will be using a paint code correct dark green that I picked up through Scale Finishes.

To date, the majority of the body work is complete.  I decided to eliminate most of the chrome trim to clean up the look of the kit (I found examples of full size Roadrunners with the same modifications).  This is also one of the first kits where I decided to try painting the raised white lettering on the tires.