1969 Pontiac GTO – Monogram

This was a fairly standard build.  I shaved the door handles and smoothed out a few things on the body.  Nothing radical. I opted to do a standard GTO rather than use the Judge decals and wing. This was another kit where I really spent time hand painting the wheels.  I…

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1969 Camaro – Revell Monogram

For the most part, this is a box stock build.  I chose Testors metallic red for the paint.  I sprayed it over a grey primer and it turned into a slightly pink color. Some time in 2012, I decided that I wanted to completely rework this kit.  I never liked…

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1969 Dodge Superbee – Monogram

This kit was built to replace one that I built as a kid.  I think I tried to lower the front suspension by grinding away at the k-member but I couldn’t be sure. Beyond that, I added plug wires and a set of wheels from another kit. In 2012, I…

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