The Bench – August 2018

The momentum of the Vette build continued through to completion this month. It took me roughly 11 days to finish the build. The project lasted about 3 weeks since it’s not possible for me to dedicate time to my hobby every day. If I decide to track time in the future, I will do it by the hour. Some of those eleven days involved about 20-30 minutes worth of work.

Beyond that, I was really pleased with the build. Between the kit and building supplies, I don’t think I had more than $30 wrapped up in it. I did try and use the decals that came with the kit and nearly ruined the paint. Careful sanding and polishing fixed the mistake.

Everyone is their own worst critic and I am no exception. I never thought it would sell for the amount I had hoped to get and thought about scrapping the idea of selling models. There were a few flaws that would probably be invisible to all but the most aggressive critics. For the time being, I shelved the kit and tried to get motivated to work on my other projects.

Even though I was unhappy with the quality of the Clearly Scale LSX engine, I did assembled it and test fitted it in the 66 Chevelle. The engine would fit with minimal modifications to the chassis. I was on the fence if I would use it.