The Bench – September 2018

September seemed like a slower month for me until I realized what I accomplished. The 40 Ford was in paint and I finished building the brakes for the 66 Chevelle.

While looking around ebay, I found an auction for 4 models kits and the price was really low. I bid on the set and didn’t think much about it. With a $20 bid, I didn’t think I would win and wasn’t really concerned. Right before the end of the auction, I saw that I was still winning. I took a closer look and realized that the auction was for “junk” kits. Uh oh. The seller mentioned that he could not verify the contents or completeness of the kits. Of the four in the auction, I wanted the 06 mustang and C5R racecar. I won the auction.

Once the package arrived, I was anxious to see what I had. The mustang was partially built and painted terribly but it was complete. The C5R Vette was mostly untouched and looked complete. The other two kits were junk. The body of both kits were destroyed. They were complete otherwise.

Initially, I thought about hammering out the Mustang as a quick build so I stripped all of the parts and started prepping to build. One blunder I found was that the original builder tried grafting a different vent to the hood and did a decent job other than making the whole hood bow in the middle. I ordered a resin cowl hood from ebay to replace it.

After coming to my senses, I put the kit away and started focusing on my current projects.