The Bench – February 2016

Through February, I started digging into my full scale car hobby and didn’t spend as much time on models. I also ran into a problem where Tamiya spray primer had become scarce.

After reading about using JB weld for filler in Scale Auto, I decided to give it a shot. I bought the quick set version which takes a few minutes to firm. Full cure still takes about four hours. The author claimed that JB weld does not shrink as so many other fillers tend to do. I used a junk 928 body and filled in one of the tail lights. The deep pocket will give me a chance to see if the filler shrinks.

Shortly after, I used the JB weld to fix the VW bus body work and start the body work on the “hemi” charger.

I was able to start the plug wiring on the Superbird model.