The Bench – February 2020

Plugging along

February continues the pace I set in January in that I’m working many different projects but not committing to any one specifically. I appear to have the attention span of a squirrel. Even so, I’m still pleased with the work I’ve completed.

Cabinet Lighting Continued

One last detail I wanted to complete in my display case lighting project was a shroud on each shelf to block the edge of the LED’s. It also gives the glass shelf a finished look. I had hoped to polish the aluminum angle to a mirror shine but realized it would take much more effort than I was willing to give.

I am thoroughly pleased with the overall appearance of my case. The aluminum angle not only shrouds the LED’s but provides trim I didn’t know it needed!
I wanted to replace the regulator on my compressor and took the opportunity to add a tank pressure gauge…for no other reason than I wanted one 🙂

2001 Vette

The project with the most progress was the C5 Corvette. I quickly painted the chassis, engine and interior. I also flocked the interior. The body was painted and cleared.

100% ready for the body.
There’s a bit of detail paint left but the chassis is complete.
Painted and cleared. Now I just need to sand and polish.

Porsche 911

To date, I’ve prepped nearly all of the parts by cleaning mold lines and washing them. I did finish assembling the roll cage and painted it. It’s taken a back seat to other projects at the moment.

I’m really glad I decided to assemble the cage first, smooth out all of the defects then paint. I would have struggled with the glue and made a mess of the painted surface.

Lamborghini Countach

This is a project that just sort of happened. It’s a kit I’ve had for years and considered starting it several years ago. Out of the blue, I just picked it up and started building it. It’s a curbside with no engine. It is also a model of an obscure tuner version of the Countach that I haven’t found much information. Since I didn’t like the strange pinstripe decals, I decided to skip it and just paint it red. After handling the decals for the dashboard and learning how brittle they are, I’m glad I chose to build without the pinstripes!

Plenty of prep work and fitment checking. Overall the kit didn’t need much work.
I blasted through the interior and finished it based on reference photos online. I added flocking to wrap up the details.
I’m really excited about finishing this build. The pieces fit together very well. It’s going to be a great looking build.


As I mentioned, I’ve been all over the place with my builds. last month I finished nearly all of the prep work on the parts and washed them. Then, towards the end of the month, I pulled everything out and started priming them.

First round of primer. Most parts are ready for paint at this point. The body will need more refining before I commit to paint.

Pins & More

I’m finding that as I’m working on several builds, if there is a similar function required of builds, I will pull them together and do it in one shot. Drilling and pinning delicate parts is an example. I drilled and pinned mirrors, and wings for the 911, Skyline and Countach. Unfortunately, I forgot about the Torino build and finished that later.

Drilled, pinned and ready to go.

More of an honorable mention for the month, I continued body work on the 57 Vette and Riviera.

A little bit of everything.

I need to stop poking around eBay. I found this complete Thunderbird. I’ve been casually looking for “Rad” era kits and this one fits the bill!

Another Rad era gem!