The Bench – October, 2019

Full steam ahead! I started the month by delving into my model/toy show bounty. I blew apart the Rivera and 40 Ford and stripped them in degreaser. Once I got that out of my system, I got back to my builds.

The 63 Vette is now complete after wrapping up the interior and re-chroming the bumpers. I finished detailing and assembling the interior for the Mustang. Lastly, I finished sanding and polishing the Alfa biuld.

Rescue Builds

When my son and I bought several bags of junk models from a model/toy show, I had hoped to find at least one salvageable project. Out of a dozen models, I did find one. The 65 Riviera is missing a hood and I decided on a solution I know will work. A blown small block Chevy!

The wheels are from another salvaged model from a previous model/toy show. I’m really excited about building this project!

This 40 Ford Sedan was not part of the sacks of junk kits. I found it on it’s on and picked it up for $5. It is complete and in decent shape. I pulled it apart, stripped it and boxed up the parts.

It’s all there.

63 Vette

Last month, I finished painting, sanding and polishing the Vette. I added the bare metal foil and windows. This month, I finished the interior, added the hood decals and wrapped up the build. Not bad for a snap tite!

Flocking, bare metal foil and plenty of detail painting brought this interior to life.
The hood decals were attached to paper that I had colored with a black marker. I then sprayed flat clear. They were cut out and attached using window glue.
Done and looking great!


I had trouble with the paint on the Mustang. I sanded through and needed more paint. While I waited for the paint to arrive, I continued work on the interior.

I had to find another steering wheel. I wrecked the kits wheel…

Alfa Romeo

I finished sanding and polishing the Alfa Giulia.

Ready for foil.

Other Stuff

My son is prepping a body for damage and rust. It was one of the junk kits that was not salvageable for a proper build.