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240SX spring and strut install

If you are in a giving mood  

If you are tired of the giant wheel well gap, or are planning on doing some racing and need a more aggressive suspension, you will need to know how to swap new springs and shocks into your 240SX.

For this write-up, I have installed Eibach Sportline Springs and KYB GR2 struts.

Eibach Sportlines

Front springs and struts

Starting with the front, you'll need to raise and secure the vehicle.

Remove the three nuts on top of the strut tower.

Depending on what kind of brake lines you have installed, you will need to detach them from the strut before you remove it from the vehicle

Remove the two large bolts that attach the strut to the upright.  These bolts might be frozen and may need a torch or a press to remove them.

Once you have the strut out of the vehicle, you will need to compress the spring and remove the nut on top of the strut shaft, as indicated in the picture below.

If you are replacing both the strut and spring, you will need to reuse the spring hat, strut mount, and dust boot.  Replace the dust boot if it is worn and cracked.  Also, replace the upper strut mount if it does not turn freely.

You may want cut the bump stop to allow for more travel, but do not remove too much.

When you reassemble the strut, you need to make sure that the spring hat is aligned properly.  In the picture below, you will see a notch.  This notch should face the inside of the vehicle.  It should face the complete opposite direction of the mount for the upright.

Once you have the hat and strut mount installed, make sure that everything was aligned properly then decompress the spring and reinstall it in the vehicle. 


Rear springs and struts

With the front complete, raise and secure the back of the vehicle.  You will need to start by removing the rear deck cover behind the rear seat-back.  Once you have that out of the way, you can reach the upper strut nuts which you will need to remove.

You will need to remove the lower strut bolt.  Once you remove the bolt, you can pull the strut out.

With the strut out of the vehicle, you will need to compress the spring, remove the bolt on the end of the strut shaft, and pull everything apart. 

If you are swapping both the spring and strut, you will only be reusing the hat, and dust boot. Replace the dust boot if it is worn and cracked.

After you reassemble the rear sock, reinstall the assembly, and lower the vehicle. 

The pictures I have below are before the first trip with the new springs.  The car sits slightly lower now that the springs have settled.  I highly recommend that you align the vehicle.  Even with this drop, the front camber was within spec, but the rear camber needs to be corrected  In order to correct the rear camber, you will need to find an adjustable upper control link.

The ride quality of my 240 was improved with the new hardware.  The strut travel has been reduced substantially, and it is usually only evident on larger bumps.  I haven't had a chance to race with the new equipment, but I feel confident that my times will improve.

Note:  In the event that you are installing a complete coilover setup, you will be replacing all of the existing hardware with new pieces.  This will simplify the project since you will not need to dismantle the old equipment.

My 240 with rear 300ZX TT wheels on both the front and rear.