Z32 300ZX TT Wheels And the S14 240SX

(Originally posted some time in 2005, slightly edited in 2015)  Back when I was contemplating a new set of wheels, I thought of using a set of 300ZX TT wheels.  The wider rear wheels did a nice job of giving the 300ZX a nice touch, why not the 240SX?  For some reason, I couldn’t find any info about the fitment of 300zx tt wheels on a 240sx. I wasn’t sure if spacers were necessary in order for the wider tires to fit.  With that in mind, I threw caution in the wind and picked up a used set.

I can tell you with confidence that the 300zx wheels fit without any additional hardware. They fill up the wheel wells and give the 240SX a much more aggressive stance.

Note:  Mounting the rear wheels in the front may require spacers.  When I mounted them, they seemed to fit but I’ve been told by others that it will not clear the strut without a spacer.