Project 240SX – Interior Swap

Interior Swap – Why?

Simple answer: I couldn’t stand the color. If the 240 hadn’t fallen in my lap, I would not have considered buying it because of the color. What to do? A complete interior swap!

Not my preference.

Sourcing the Parts

Back in the day, before list serves went the way of the dinosaur, I was part of a 240 list. Someone had posted interior parts from an S14a for sale. He had totaled his 240 and was selling a few parts of the interior. The listing was for seats and a few other miscellaneous parts. I emailed him about the rest and he said the car was still accessible. The only other problem was that everything was in Florida and I live in Indiana.

A quick call to a close friend with a truck and we took a road trip. We picked up the seats and miscellaneous parts and headed to the scrap yard where the car was located. Other than the dashboard and driver’s airbag, I picked up everything else including the carpet and seat belts!

Beyond the broken glass that was everywhere, this was a blast!

Sorting and Cleaning

After the long drive home, I couldn’t wait to start installing the parts. I sorted all of the parts and cleaned them. I quickly tore the original interior out and installed the new pieces…at least what I had on hand.

Comparing some of the parts.

The first round of parts did not include the dashboard, column cover and steering wheel. It took me a while to locate more of the parts and I installed them when they arrived. In order to avoid buying a black airbag, I elected to swap in an aftermarket steering wheel. I covered the conversion in another write-up.

Round 1 complete! It took me a while to find the rest of the pieces.

Wrapping it up

Within a few months, I found the rest of the parts that I needed. The time and effort to complete this swap was absolutely worth it! I had a car that I loved and enjoyed driving. I couldn’t believe the difference a color change could make!

Cap off the project with a set of brand new floor mats from Nissan.

Now that I had an interior I loved, it was time for fresh paint. Check out the next installment for the details.

For more pictures and details form the project, check out the pictures below.

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