Mustang GT ZEX Wet Fogger Nitrous Kit Impression


(Originally Posted: March, 2005)

While installing K&N’s cold air intake we also installed ZEX’s wet fogger nitrous kit. I just wanted to write a quick impression about the kit to tell you what I thought about it and how difficult it was to install.

Overall, the kit wasn’t too difficult to install. Most of the difficulties arose while running the feed lines, wiring and doing the electrical work. The kit includes just about everything you’ll need to do the installation. Along with the nitrous kit, we installed ZEX’s purge valve kit. The purge kit included excellent hardware and a solenoid that was a bit much for the kit, but when is overkill a bad thing?

We spent more time finding a good spot to mount all of the hardware than we did actually doing the installation. Once we ran all of the lines and mounted the box, the installation went quickly.

It appears the that return-less fuel system on the ’04 has a smaller fuel line. The smaller fuel line would not accept the “T” included with the kit. We needed to go and pick up smaller fittings. With the new fittings, we were able to finish up the fuel setup. For your information, the correct wire for the throttle position sensor is the center wire in the harness.

In the end, we were really happy with the finished product. The control box does a great job of dispensing the goods. You have to program the box to let it know when the throttle is open 100%. This process takes about 15 seconds. Currently, we’ve only tried the 75hp shot and will try the 125hp shot as soon as we get the proper procedure for adjusting the ignition timing.

Even with the 75 shot, the power gain is awesome! If you are handy with tools, and want a quick power boost, this kit is excellent! My only beef is that the instructions do not help you with adjusting the ignition timing as well as leaving out some small details like the throttle position sensor wiring.

Have fun!