B-Series Cam Seal Install

A simple but common problem to most B-series Honda engines is an oil leak around the front cam seal. A simple and aesthetically pleasing solution is to replace the seal with an aftermarket aluminum seal. These cam seals are a machined aluminum piece which utilizes multiple rubber o-rings to create a seal. There are several brands available such as those at Password JDM, Skunk 2, Blox, Golden Eagle…to name a few.

A quick comparison between the original seal vs the aluminum upgrade. STR has long since gone out of business, but you can find similar seals through several other manufacturers.

Tools Necessary

  • Reliable socket set
  • Metric wrenches
  • Torque wrench
  • High temp sealant or Hondabond
  • A valve cover gasket set if necessary

The installation process is very easy. Start by removing the spark plug wire cover. After you’ve removed the cover, pull the plug wires out and lay them over the side. Remove the valve cover and set it aside.

Once the valve cover is out of the way, remove the oil rail that runs across the cam caps. There are 10 bolts that require a 12 mm socket and 2 that require a 10 mm socket.

Following the removal of the oil rail is the removal of the cam cap next to the VTEC Solenoid. There are two more 10 mm bolts that need to be removed. Carefully pry off the cap and the original seal.

With everything out of the way, it is time to prepare the new seal. Start by coating the rubber o-rings with oil. For added protection, add a bit of sealant to the inner edge of the back side of the new seal. I have skipped this step with no leakage issues.

When you put the seal in place, you’ll find that it is a tight fit. ┬áDon’t be alarmed.

Reinstall the cam cap and torque the bolts to 7 ft-lbs. Next, reinstall the oil rail and torque the 12 mm bolts to 20 ft-lbs and the 10 mm bolts to 7 ft-lbs. If necessary, install new a valve cover gasket and spark plug seals then install the valve cover, spark plug wires and spark plug cover.

Last but not least, thoroughly degrease the engine and enjoy leak free operation!