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Exhaust Install

If you are in a giving mood  

Installing an exhaust can be a fairly simple operation...or one that may need some torching or other barbaric means to remove.  A rusty bolt will usually turn into a broken bolt very quickly.  This article focuses on the installation of a Greddy MX exhaust on a '98 Nissan 240SX.  Most of the details covered in this article will apply to any vehicle.

Tools Necessary:

  • reliable socket set
  • metric wrenches
  • jack and jack stands or ramps
  • penetrating oil
  • hammer
  • propane gas torch (maybe) 

Start by raising and supporting the entire vehicle. 

Swapping the exhaust is a very easy task when it comes down to the details.  However, a rusty bolt can turn a quick project into an ordeal.  You may need to soak the bolts with penetrating oil to help with the operation.  If the bolts will not budge, you may need to use a torch or have a shop remove them for you.

Remove the nuts and bolts that attach the exhaust to the cat.  In some cases you may need to remove the cat along with the exhaust to remove all of the bolts (not the case with the 240)

Spray some lubricant on the rubber hangers and then use a screwdriver or pry bar to remove all of the rubber hangers.  You may need to support the system while you remove all of the hangers.

Drop the exhaust and take a moment to compare how much nicer the new system looks compared to the original exhaust.  Transfer the rubber hangers to the new exhaust.  Depending on the vehicle, you may be able to assemble the exhaust on the ground (as with the 240) or you may need to assemble it a piece at a time.  Either way, do not tighten the bolts until everything is in place.  This will allow for proper fitment of the exhaust.

With the exhaust in place, tighten all of the bolts and make sure all of the hangers are attached.

Lower the vehicle and enjoy your new exhaust!