Honda Glasstop CRX – Fujimi

This is a glass top CRX which had it’s delicate roof caved in during shipping from Hong Kong.  I was able to mend the break.  I also decided to shave the door handles and gas filler cap.  I strongly felt that they were too big on the car.  “not to…

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Fast & Furious Civic Coupe

Another cheater project.  I had been sitting on this project for a while.  I didn’t care for the body kit or wing but it was the only way I was going to get a Civic Coupe like the 1:1 version that I had.  I painted the interior, painted the window…

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Honda EK Civic – Fujimi

My original intention was to order a Civic similar to the one I drove. I ordered this out of a catalog without pictures and ended up with the wrong generation Civic.  Since I had it, I decided to throw it together quickly.  I may revisit this kit down the road,…

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