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Installing Nismo's Engine &
Trans mounts in the 240

If you are in a giving mood  

Since the day I picked up my 240, I noticed the ill effects of soggy, old motor mounts.  Even new mounts are a bit soggy.  What are the effects of old engine mounts?  Very spongy response from the engine. You may notice that you get a bog-snap take off that probably drives you crazy.

What's the solution?  You have two options.  One is to use the same technique as I did in my homemade motor mount write-up.  Simply fill in all the gaps with the window weld. You could possibly do it with the mounts in the car if you really want to try

A much more costly method, but quite a bit less "home brewed" is Nismo's motor mount upgrade for the 240SX with the KA engine.

Here are the part numbers:


As you can see, the mounts look identical. In fact, I had contemplated filling them with window weld, but decided to wait and see how they felt compared to stock given the fact that new mounts are significantly stiffer than the originals.

nismo_mm_15.JPG nismo_mm_16.JPG


Start by raising and securing the front of the car.

I would suggest starting with the engine mounts.  The driver's side mount is easier than the passenger side.  There aren't as many parts in the way.  Here's a shot of the driver's side mount:


Remove both of the nuts

nismo_mm_03.JPG nismo_mm_04.JPG

You'll need to remove the oil filter on the passenger's side to get better access to the mount.  With the filter out of the way, remove all of the nuts on top of the mount.

nismo_mm_05.JPG nismo_mm_08.JPG

You'll need to find the nut located on the bottom of the mount. If you look between the steering rack (boot in picture) and the sub frame, you'll see the nut.  Remove both the nut from the passenger and driver's side.


Raising the engine can be difficult.  Use a jack and a piece of 2x4 about a foot long, raise the engine by the alternator bracket for the right side and the AC bracket for the driver's side.  Raising the engine this way, will allow it to twist giving you more room to remove the mount.  Slide the old mount out and the new one in.  Reattach all of the mounting hardware.


For the transmission mount, you'll need to raise the back of the transmission using a jack.  You'll need to remove the cross-member.  There are 4 bolts that secure the cross-member.  Remove both nuts that secure the cross-member to the transmission

nismo_mm_18.JPG nismo_mm_19.JPG

You will also need to remove the nuts that secure the exhaust mount to the transmission mount.

nismo_mm_17.JPG nismo_mm_21.JPG

With the cross-member out of the way, remove the two bolts that secure the mount to the transmission.


Slip on the new mount and as always, the installation is the opposite of removal!


The new mounts are MUCH stiffer than the original units.  Vibration inside the car is minimal and the improvement is very noticeable.  Launching the car is much smoother whether you are accelerating casually or aggressively.  Nearly all of the slop has vanished.  You could take the time to fill the mounts and make them even stiffer, but I don't feel that it's necessary.

I've experienced a 240SX where the stock mounts were filled with window weld material.  Vibrations in the interior were much more pronounced.  It seems like the Nismo mounts were designed to avoid that problem and still offer a significant improvement.

This was definitely an upgrade I recommend!