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10/15/11 I changed my swap story sequel to Project Hatch.  I thought it would be a better representation of what I'm doing with the car.
2/7/10 I included several new pictures on my Hatch Page as well as corrected and added pictures to my 2006 Suspension Upgrade page.  I also added Youtube videos of my dyno time on the B18C1 build-up page
6/24/09 For a short departure from 4-wheeled action, Harley Davidson V-Rod Saddlebag Installation
6/15/09 I've added Luke's 911 page and Andrija's WRX page
6/1/09 Check out my Nissan Speedometer Repair Page!
4/25/09 Updates to the BMW Links Page as well as several new links in the interesting links section
1/15/09 Wow...I can't believe I haven't done anything to the site in so long.  Life has taken up a great deal of my free time in the past year which has taken away from projects and time to post new articles.  Check back soon as I have started a blog.  I will include links

Uploaded Dana's new Altima

4/1/08 Our Bike Page is up!
3/26/08 I've added a couple years worth of engine pictures to Murf's civic page under Murf's engines page

Also, I forgot to mention that I added an exhaust page (including YouTube Videos) and final pictures page for my old 240SX.

3/20/08 I've updated and finalized Project 240

I've also added a few long overdue civic projects and impression pages.

Drive Shaft Shop Race axles, Schroth Harnesses, and my big 2006 suspension upgrade

I've also updated the Swap Story Sequel

12/30/07 New stats and pics on Tom's Civic
9/23/07 Check out Tom's civic! 
7/17/07 My new Si! 
5/24/07 After years of gathering experience, I have a fairly thorough clutch comparison page
4/27/07 300zx brake swap e-brake page
3/23/07 Yeah, sorry, it's been a long time!  Updates to Matt's RX7 is now running!  Also, check out my Walbro fuel pump install page.
11/1/06 I set up Dana's Altima page
10/10/06 Check out the External Coil conversion page
9/11/06 Matt's bug page and Greg's WRX page are finally up!  Check out the stat's on Lee's WRX.  Another member of importnut has dropped into the past importnut rides...but soon Andrija's '03 WRX will take the place of his Integra
9/1/06 New sites in the interesting links section.  My Miata page is up.  Plenty of new pics in Matt's RX7 page, as well as my hatch page.
4/25/06 Uploaded is my new Evo VIII page There are other small updates throughout the site.  There are more pictures of Matt's RX7 project as well.
1/27/06 Check out the 240 Spring Strut Install Page
12/8/05 I added Matt's project RX7
11/20/05 240 header install page has been listed
10/19/05 Interesting Links page has been updated
9/18/05 I've added a 5-lug conversion section to the 300zx brake swap page.  I've added non cruise control civic wiring information in the Civic Steering Swap page
7/1/05 Eric Was's WRX page has been listed
6/29/05 Lee's WRX page is up along with some new event pics
5/29/05 I have some new pics posted in the event pics section.  Kristy's WRX is listed in importnut rides.
3/27/05 I updated the civic sway bar installation page with all new text and pics.

Also new are K&N Cold Air Intake on a 2004 Mustang GT as well as a ZEX Nitrous impression page on the same car.

3/14/05 Check out the 240SX Nismo motor mount installation page. 
2/3/05 I've updated Project 240 and added a header install pics page, and a 300ZX TT wheel fitment page.  I've also updated the Future upgrades section for the 240 with a much more specific list of parts for my boosted KA plans.
12/3/04 Finally finished is the story of the Hatch Engine Build-up
12/2/04 Plenty of reading in the Civic Steering Rack Swap, The swap story sequel, which includes much more than an engine swap.  Also included is a set of pics of my civic sway bar install
11/26/04 New pics of Murf's completely reworked hatch posted.  The new list of stats will be coming shortly.
11/16/04 Nothing big.  I updated quite a bit of text in my Project 240 page  I do promise to have quite a few updates in the future!
10/25/04 I finished the Toyota Corolla rear seat and shock removal page
10/14/04 A long from finished static models page is up as well as new stats on the civic.
7/20/04 Finally, EK's 350Z is up in importnut rides
7/12/04 Slightly revamped intro page.  H22a swap guide has been updated with distributor wiring
6/29/04 Check out the pics for my Civic's engine build-up.  Details of the build-up are listed on my Civic's page.  A detailed write-up of the process is on the way!
5/28/04 I uploaded quite a few new pics of Luke's 300ZX TT.  I also added a brand new 240SX B&M Short Shifter Install page.
4/27/04 Finally, I've finished my Civic Steering Wheel Swap article.  It is available for your viewing pleasure!
3/1/04 Losi Mini T Steering upgrade added to scale auto section
2/28/04 Updates two days in a row?  Can you imagine?!

This update includes a new brake maintenance page as well as the beginning of my new scale auto section and other projects section.

I also made some changes through the entire site.

2/27/04 Yeah, it's been a while since I've done anything to the site...however, I've updated the 300zx brake swap page.  Compiling all of the info that I gathered took quite a while, but now the page is more accurate with more details concerning the project.

Soon to come is a whole new section dedicated to scale model cars, a swap story sequel, and B18C1 build-up.  Also coming soon is a write-up for swapping the civic's dash and steering wheel!

9/8/03 Added new stat's to Lee's 240 page and added an exhaust installation page
6/29/03 Several project pictures have been added to my hatch's page;  I also updated the 240 steering wheel swap;
6/18/03 Lee's new 240 is up in the importnut rides section
4/28/03 I changed the importnut rides section to include the rides that used to be part of  Some sold, some wrecked, but all are still here to be remembered!
4/23/03 New pics of Rick's civic have been uploaded.  Also, there are new specs on my Hatch
4/6/03 I've added the Mazda how to page which includes a short shifter installation page

Soon to come is a rough outline for B series engine swaps into 5th gen Civic's as well as an aftermarket steering wheel swap article for 5th gen civics.

3/22/03 Over the past month, I have made several subtle updates.  However, today I have uploaded a new H22a swap guide as well as a few new general articles.
2/24/03 New stats on my hatchback are uploaded.  Swap in progress!  Check back soon for a write-up and possibly a how to article on the swap.
2/11/03 Several new links listed in honda, shop, nissan and other sections.  Also added is a wheel tech page
1/13/03 I've made some subtle changes.  I've added new links to the Honda links section and added several pics of my engine rebuild process for the hatchback.
12/25/02 Since day one, has had the same look.  It was time for a change, and I delivered.  You'll find that every bit of this site is still here.  I designed the new site to be significantly easier to navigate helping you locate the info you need with greater ease.

Let me know what you think!

Also included is a completely new Honda/Acura short shifter install page

12/6/02 More interesting new pics of Rick's civic project. 

Project hybrid hatch begins with the repairs on the B18C1 from the coupe.  Pics uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

New updated Civic/Integra shifter installation page coming soon!

11/10/02 Added a new page for Tire Rack Luke's Twin Turbo 300ZX
10/20/02 This may be the biggest update thus far.

The 300ZX brake upgrade article is done and ready for your perusal

Project Silvia has finally been update!

I've added several tools to the Special Tools Section

I'm also playing with some colors on various pages.  Drop me a line and tell me what you think.

Along with the color changes, is a format change to freshen up the appearance of

Nearly every article has been Modified in one way or another.


10/08/02 Without wasting any time I present, the hatch
9/28/02 I took a moment to recap my thoughts on my recent Accident.  Please take a moment to read them here
9/25/02 Pictures of the demise of my civic are up on my civic page.
8/19/02 Several subtle updates.  Imports page has a slightly new look.  Shifter installation page has been updated.  New pictures included in many of the 240's photo sets.
8/16/02 Several new links have been added as well as a completely new Mazda/RX7 links page.
8/1/02 The steering swap page has been updated with a more reliable method of horn wiring.

More pics of the RX7 and other 240 work are up as well.

7/21/02 Another set of pics in the Events section has been added as well as updated info on the integra page.  There are random additions throughout the site.
7/12/02 For those waiting for the brake swap article, as well as an update project S14 article, it's not done yet.  Sorry...but check out my new toy here
6/24/02 Finally, an article that has been a long time coming.  LSD swap in the 240 is finally up as well as a new event pics section.  I'll be updating Project 240 as well as the import links section very soon.
6/7/02 I've been pretty busy actually working on project 240.  I've started to gather useful links to imports other than Honda's and Nissan's.  I hope to put together a useful "favorites" page for everyone.  The collection is rather sparse, but ya gotta start somewhere.  check here
5/10/02 More links across the board!  I've also gone through most of the pics and created thumbnail pages.  Most of these are in my civic and 240 pages.
5/8/02 I've started playing with thumbnail programs.  I'm still experimenting with what I want to do. For now, enjoy easier picture navigation. 

I've changed the Body Work section to a new format as well as the Brake Upgrade.  Full write-ups on these projects, as well as a continuation of Project S14 are in the works.

4/9/02 I added a few new videos and also made some forward progress on my Project S14 page. 
4/3/02 Once again, I've added several links to every link page.

The For Sale Page has been updated.

More and more pictures are flooding in from the body work project on my 240.  Also, I've updated my "wish list" on the 240.

A complete rear brake swap and LSD install on the 240 will be coming soon!

Eventually, I'll get to work on the Project S14 page.  I'm just a bit too lazy right now :)

3/14/02 I've added several links to all of the link pages.  I have also added links within my civic's page as well as the 240 page.  All in all, many, many pictures have been added.

Keep your eye on the progress of the 240's body restoration project here.

2/22/02 I've modified quite a few of the pages.  More so a change in format than anything.  I've also added several new pics to Murf's page.
2/14/02 Nothing special.   I changed the layout of the intro page and officially renamed my site to
2/12/02 I modified the 240 page and also started "project S14"  It's no where near done, but you'll get an idea as to where I'm going with it.
1/10/02 The steering wheel swap in my 240 is finally done!  I've taken the time to document the work for my site.  It will be the beginning of what I've promised.  Check it out here
1/8/02 Nothing big.  I added a few more links to the various links pages and cleaned up the page a bit.  I have pics and some info that is going to be turned into some useful a 240SX resource.  This will be coming soon!
12/21/01 I modified the Rides page.  All this work for the sake of being easy on the eyes!  I finally got a chance to set up a page for Rick's new M3  Check it out
12/20/01 I added several new pictures to my 240 page, my civic's page and Murf's page.  The progress of my interior swap can be seen here.  Stats have been updated for all three pages as well.

I also took some time to update the "imports" page.  Once again, in an attempt to clean up the page

11/15/01 More new links on all of the links pages.  I now have a "for sale" page listing all of the items I have laying around.
11/6/01 I finished the motor mount modification/repair page.
10/28/01 Updated navigation through the site.  Added Several new pictures to Ben's page, the motor mount page as well as a few others.  I also added a page to my brother's old prelude.  
10/26/01 I revised "the swap" article by adding a few local links and added a section discussing a year in review.  I also added a incomplete motor mount modification page with pictures.
10/25/01 I added a page for my Friend Susanto's ride, past and present HERE
10/12/01 I took the time to add a few new links to the various links pages.  I also added an outstanding ignition and fuel upgrade article. Check it out here

Also, I finally got around to wiring a short piece on wiring a Greddy turbo timer into an Integra.

9/25/01 Added a new page for Lee's Turbo Si.  Also added several pics to my brother Andrija's Integra.  After such a long time, I've added a new How too for adjusting valve lash.
9/10/01 Added a new page for Ben's NX2000. 
9/4/01 Updated EK's prelude page as well as stats to others.  I also added an Excellent Brake upgrade article that you need to check out. 
8/28/01 Added new videos section
8/23/01 Brand new domain!  Everything has been updated and transferred over to my new domain.  So much more to come!
8/20/01 Made some subtle changes on a few pages.  Added several pictures to my cool rides page.
8/17/01 Added a few links.  Also added a page for my 240SX as well as Murf's new hatchback.
8/3/01 Added a few new links to the Shops page and several links to the Nissan page. Pics of my new '95 Nissan 240 and Murf's new '93 Hybrid CX hatch will be coming soon
7/10/01 Probably the last update for a while.  GT3 is out today, so....I put up a few more pics of my civic and added a few more nissan and honda links.  Also added a new Special Tools section.
7/9/01: Added "updates" page.  Most recent pics of my civic are up.
7/7/01: Added more links to Honda Links page
7/6/01: Finished brand new import links pages, Honda links, Nissan links, Shop links and Other Auto links.  New links were added to each section.  Also finished were a newly modified, Recommended modifications page,
6/27/01: Added new Fluidyne radiator article
6/25/01: Modified links section to articles and tech info.  I designed it to be a little easier to read and more pleasing to the eye :)  Added new ACT 6-puck impressions article.