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1966 VW Beetle – Tamiya

This kit is very shaved.  I shaved just about everything other than the head lights and tail lights!  All of this work created a very…

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JDM Honda Integra Type R – Fujimi

Low is what I wanted with this kit and slammed is what I got!  The original ride height of this kit made it look like…

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Nissan S14 Silvia – Fujimi

This was an unfortunate kit.  I don’t think it was ever sold in the US and once I found out it existed, it took me…

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Mazda Second Gen Miata (NB) – Aoshima

Here is another kit I built for my dad for Father’s Day.  He has a Miata very similar to this one.  I was amazed that…

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1966 Blue Chevy Malibu – Monogram

The original build was completed some time in the early 90’s.  It was before I really started painting.  I used paint markers to do the…

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CJ7 Jeep – Monogram

This Jeep was built as a father’s day gift for my dad.  He had a CJ7 back in the day.  I found old pictures of his…

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Lincoln Continental – AMT

My friend started this project and left it behind for my to finish.  I finished this projects along side the Mini.  The Lincoln  was customized…

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Posted in 2003 Completed Projects Mini

Cooper Mini – Tamiya

My friend Greg started this model and I ended up finishing it for him along with his Lincoln project.  The mini was almost completely shaved. …

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Posted in 2002 Completed Projects Nissan/Datsun

Nissan S13 Silvia – Fujimi

The colors didn’t quite match the available colors for the 1:1 car but it turned out fairly well. There are two shades of gray and…

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Posted in 2002 Completed Projects Mopar/Dodge/Plymouth

1971 Plymouth GTX -Monogram

This GTX was a straightforward build.  I did some minor shaving but otherwise, this is a box stock build.  Completed: October 2002

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Posted in 2002 Completed Projects GM

1969 Camaro – Revell Monogram

For the most part, this is a box stock build.  I chose Testors metallic red for the paint.  I sprayed it over a grey primer…

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1970 Ford Boss 302 Mustang – Monogram

When I originally built this mustang, I opted to paint every chrome part a dark gunmetal.  It made for a sinister looking mustang along with…

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Posted in 2001 Completed Projects Mopar/Dodge/Plymouth

1969 Dodge Superbee – Monogram

This kit was built to replace one that I built as a kid.  I think I tried to lower the front suspension by grinding away…

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Posted in 2001 Completed Projects Mopar/Dodge/Plymouth

1969 Dodge Dart – Revell

Built box stock, I really like the way this one turned out.  I used the aftermarket wheels that came with the kit. Completed: 2001

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Posted in 2001 Completed Projects Mopar/Dodge/Plymouth

1967 Dodge Coronet – Revell

After my first attempt at spraying this color was unsuccessful, I had to buy another kit and start over. I used white as the primer…

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