The Bench – April 2020

Decisions, Decisions…

As the weather started to break, and I took my 1:1 project out of storage, I found that I didn’t want to build as much as I had earlier in the year. I also seem to have all of the focus of a squirrel on too much coffee! I pulled out another project and started, the Tamiya NSX, and dove into stripping and prepping several 1/64th scale cars.

New Compounds!

In a round-about way, I learned about 3M’s Perfect it 1 and 2 compounds for polishing paint. I picked up small containers of both through Charles Cochran of Syndicate Customs. The pair with shipping was about $25. The typical containers from 3M will cost significantly more and based on potential shelf life issues, buying the smaller containers ensures you can use it.

Charles also sent me a sample of custom mixed paint!

My experience with these compounds has been really positive. Using a dremel tool and polishing pad, I’ve produced some rather amazing results! What’s even better is that it takes very little to compound meaning the small jars will last through many projects!


All three of these projects were sprayed with my new two part clear. I had been reluctant to sand and polish for no real reason… I dug into them. Through April, I did finish sanding all three projects but only polished the Torino.

2001 ‘Vette

The Z06 was the 4th project that was cleared and waiting for sand and polish. It was the last project sprayed with Gravity colors clear. Once sanded and polished, I noticed a bad blemish on the driver’s rear quarter. I couldn’t let it go and prepped it for the repair.

Prior to seeing the glaring blemish, I did mask and spray all of the black trim.

Honda NSX

I simply cannot help myself! The original intent was to pull out this kit and look it over. Low and behold, the next thing you know, I started prepping it for paint.

I didn’t get to far, but working on the NSX did take away from other projects!

Turbine Car

Random is about the best way I can describe when I work on this build. I pulled a few of the interior and chassis pieces and sprayed them in color.

Some of the interior painted. I will use embossing powder to carpet the interior.
I really wish I could focus on this build. Working on it in bursts continues to show me how it will turn out and I’m excited!

Porsche 911

Another project getting attention is the Tamiya 911. I did more body work and nearly had everything ready for paint. I want to paint it pearl white and realized that it needs a white base…which I didn’t have at the time. Back on the shelf!

Prepped and ready for white primer.

63 Vette and Riviera

Although the ’63 ‘Vette had most of it’s body work complete, the big accomplishment through the month was completing the interior which was completed along side the Riviera’s interior.

The dashboards were detailed and gauge decals applied. Gauges were purchased from Best Model car parts on Ebay. They are not wet transfers. They need to be cut out and glued in place. They look amazing!
Now I need to get busy and finish the rest of the model!

1/64 Scale Magnum

The tiny Magnum build was prepped and painted this month. I finished cleaning mold lines, scribed panel lines and successfully filled the holes in the roof from it’s police car roots. Painted in Mercedes Benz metallic brown, it is now waiting for clearcoat. Since it is such a small project, I decided to wait until I had a few ready for paint before spraying.

This may be the best body work I’ve finished on a diecast project.
Mercedes Benz Metallic Brown.

1/64 Scale Distractions!

As I pointed it in the opening paragraph, my attention was all over the place through the month. Rather than focus on existing builds, I pulled every 1/64 future project, blew them apart and stripped them. I mocked-up a few of the cars with Monoblock wheels and ordered more to finish all of the projects.

A handful of brand new cars and a handful of 30+ year old rescues.
Testing Monoblock’s wheels. I don’t think there is a wrong way to use them!

New Stuff

Someone needs to cut me off of Ebay! I was compelled to buy the Challenger kit below. As it kit, it is unremarkable. What make it special is that it was one of my earliest builds. I think I had two or three and one of the originals is a rework I currently have on display. My plan is to build it without painting body color with the idea of capturing my early childhood.

Beyond detail painting, I plan on keeping the dark red metallic body.

My first car was a ’95 Honda Civic Coupe. Beyond the Fast and Furious versions, there was never a stock version. USCP created a trans kit to convert the Civic Hatchback to a coupe. I had to have one! It was hard to stomach the cost (~$70) but necessary if I wanted to recreate my first car.

The picture includes the wrong interior tub. USCP sent me the correct tub at no cost.

May finally brings a build across the finish line. More on that in the next post!

This picture really sums up my overall focus.