The Bench – August 2019

Once the 39 Chevy was complete, it was time to get back to work on everything else! I made great progress on several projects. Significant work was completed on the Magnum, Mustang, Ford Ranger, SuperBee, 63 Corvette and Alfa.

Dodge Magnum

The second bottle of paint was delivered for the Dodge magnum and was quickly loaded into my airbrush and sprayed. Shortly after, I added a few small decals and cleared it with Gravity Colors 2 part clear.

While the paint was curing, I flocked the interior and wrapped up all of the detail work. I then finished assembling the interior.

Mustang GT

After spraying the Magnum, I quickly finished the prep work on the Mustang body and hood. Next came the primer, then shortly after, color and clear.

Final prep, primer, color and clear…all within a few days.

After painting the body, I finished prepping all of the parts, I attached them to sticks, primed them and painted them in various colors.


Ford Truck

One of the colors I bought from Automotive touch-ups was Ford Boxwood Green. I had mistaken that for another color that I was going to use for a Torino build. It was the wrong color for the car but the right color for the Ford Truck. That being said, I pulled out my Moebius 71 Ford Truck. I assembled most of the chassis and started prep work on the body.

Nearly all of the chassis is one color. I assembled it for easier painting. I also filled ejector pin marks on the bed sides.
The frame for the truck is nearly complete.


While preparing the Mustang for paint, I also finished the last bit of body prep work on the somewhat stagnant Superbee project. I sprayed the final coat of primer and quickly followed that with color. I used Automotive Touch-ups’ FK5 Burnt Orange for the color

The Superbee in color. This project has many individual parts that are body colored.

After a few days, I added the C-stripe decals. I started with the black decals and abandoned the idea when I tore one. White it is! Shortly after, I sprayed the body with clear.

Corvette & Alfa

As usual, I always have several projects on tap. I finished repairing the poor rear window trim on my Alfa Romeo and also finished prepping my ’63 snaptite vette. Both will be red and could potentially benefit from pink primer.

Tamiya pink primer is infinitely better than Zero pink primer.

I managed to dig into several projects through the month and them in color and clear. I’m thrilled with progress I’ve made and look forward to finishing several projects in the near future.

Not directly model related, I added indicators to my booth to let me know what’s powered. I had a tendency to leave the power on to my compressor.