1970 Buick GSX – Monogram

I have to start this by saying this isn’t one of my favorite cars. I honestly don’t know why I bought it back in the ’90’s. I tried starting it in 2007 and after grinding off the door handles and painting the chassis, I tossed everything back in the box. I’ve pulled it out a …

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Opel GT – AMT

The Opel GT was fun car from the 70’s that was an economical and sporty alternative to the muscle cars of the day.  My dad had one of these for a number of years and I wanted to build one for him. I’ve never been a fan of AMT kits and this one represents an …

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1966 Pontiac GTO

This was a simple build.  The color is a Pactra RC silver tinted with black.  I started doing more wheel details with this model and several others.  I was very happy with the results. Completed:  May 2008