MKI VW Golf Racecar – Tamiya

Bravery. That’s what it took to build this kit. It didn’t come right away but eventually, I pulled it together and hammered out the complex livery. I wanted to build a first gen Golf, the MKI, and picking up a race car version seemed like a good idea at the…

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2012 Corvette Coupe – AMT

I picked up this kit from Hobbylinc for less than $7. Why not? I wanted a C6 Vette for my collection. It is a basic curbside kit. Everything is molded into the chassis which is unfortunate but overall, it is not a bad kit. I’m surprised there are engravings for…

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The Bench – March 2018

Wow! My idea for reigniting my drive to build worked better than I expected! I quickly hammered through the AMT 2012 Corvette build and made great progress on the Toyota Celica. Having reignited my motivation to build, I pulled out a few of the projects that have been lurking in…

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